Fiera di Roma will host in Rome the first edition of ExpoSalus and Nutrition, designed to be the reference event for the sector, the first to turn upside down the pyramid of healthcare, starting from the basis, from the citizen-patient who becomes active protagonist of his own well-being.

Transversality, comparison and sharing: these will be the founding principles of Rome ExpoSalus and Nutrition. A path of knowledge crossing four different perspectives: SCIENCE and RESEARCH, GOOD PRACTICE, AGE and FUTURE. These, along with NUTRITION, will form the basis, the key elements to build the entire process of prevention and care of the individual.


Rome ExpoSalus and Nutrition was born with the idea of ​​welcoming the main players in the health and wellness chain with a particular focus on nutrition, a fundamental element at the base of the whole process of prevention and care of an individual. Transversality, comparison and sharing will be the basic principles of ExpoSalus and Nutrition.

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